My name is 

Samuel Rodrigues,


Full Stack Developer

Specializing in NextJs, Node, TypeScript, and more. Passionate about tech and innovation.

About Me

I'm a dedicated Full Stack Developer from Brazil specializing in Next.js and Node. I actively contribute to tech communities by sharing insights on software architecture and design patterns. As a member of HeartDevelopers, I am committed to creating meaningful technology content and contributing to OpenSource projects. Let's connect and explore the endless possibilities of the digital world.

A bit more about me

My journey into Full Stack Development began in 2015 when my mentor Kao Ming sparked my interest in programming during high school. We spearheaded Project Somos, linking mental health practitioners with those in need.

Though my entry into the job market was challenging, I obtained a significant breakthrough in 2019 when Wiplay agreed to hire me as a Full Stack Developer to work with Vue and Laravel. Currently, at Minu.co, I specialize in NextJs and Node, where I lead architecture initiatives and innovate solutions.

In addition to coding, I hold a blue belt in Jiu Jitsu, which has been a significant part of my journey. Let's continue constructing the digital future.

Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems

FIAP - Dez/2023










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SamucaDev, tech content creator.

I participate in open source projects, creating technical articles and presentations to help the development community. I am a member of the He4rt Developer community, a community that is focused on helping beginners get their first job as a developer. I have also contributed as a moderator of the dev.to platform, ensuring the quality of the content created.

I invite you to visit my published technical articles, let's learn and grow together!

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